Pierre Folie ‘Douglas’ Lounge chairs early edition, France 1960’s

Ultra rare pair of 'Douglas' armchairs by Pierre Folie, France 1960's. This is the early model before the later 'Jacques Charpentier' production, these are produced by Manelec. Manelec was a company specializing in highend production of stainless steel furniture, and also the producer for Maria Pergay. Folie worked with Manelec in the early years. The model is slightly different and a bit more 'primitive' than the later version but above all much more beautiful; it's slightly wider and lower what makes it look so much more grounded. We added a swivel base to the chair; a custom made big cilinder which fits exactly in the empty stainless steel cylinder. The chairs are simply placed over the swivel cylinders, no changes were made on the chairs itself. The chairs can just be placed over the swiveling foot but can also be place flat on the ground without. We added this swivel system for extra comfort while also protecting the chair, as its lifted 8 mm from the ground. Highly collectible items, French Avant Gardism pur sang. The stainless steel and black leather cushions are both in very good condition.

DIMENSIONS: W 94,5 x D 72,5 x H 61,5 / seat 41 cm