Tito Agnoli Floor lamp for Oluce, Italy 1950s

Stunning and rarely seen floor lamp by Tito Agnoli for Oluce, Italy, 1950s. Rare model with unusual shade 'spinnaker' shaped shade made out of aluminium, a brass stem and a clear white marble base. Very intelligent design with inventive technical details such as the adjustable stem and ball joint at the bottom which makes it possible to swing the lamp into different positions. The shade holds two E14 light fittings, one upright and one downwards for a perfectly balanced light. The electrical system is checked and the lamp has been rewired. Furthermore we softly cleaned all parts but kept the lamp in it's original condition and conserved the original patina on the brass parts and original old off white lacquer. The lamp is in a very good original condition with a beautiful patina

DIMENSIONS: W 30 x D 58 x H 150 cm (depending on position)