Set of three Wall Sconces by Vinicio Vianello for Vistosi, Italy 1957

Rare set of three wall sconces by Vinicio Vianello for Vistosi, Italy 1957. Wonderful polygonal shaped blown elements out of clear Champagne colored Murano glass. The glass elements are clamped between architectonic nickeled brackets which can be hanged on the E14 light fitting construction. Each lamp has one E14 light fitting and provide a nice and atmospheric light. The lamps are dimable. In excellent condition. Price is for the set of three.
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Vinicio Vianello, Venice 1923 - 1999, was an artist who liked to experiment with material, shapes and artistic forms. In 1950 Vianello began to try out new constructions and techniques in the sector of glass and industrial design, with the help of various master -makers from Murano. He kept this interest for the rest of his life. Vianello was an exponent of the Spatialism (Spazialismo), like Lucio Fontana. A movement intended to synthesize colour, sound, space, movement and time into a new type of art.

DIMENSIONS: W 20 x H 20 x D 22 cm