André Bloc Sculpture in Metal and Bronze, 1960s

Abstract sculpture by André Bloc (1896 - 1966), France ca. 1960. The sculpture in made from brazed bronze and metal rods on a raw cut metal base, facinating from every angle. Provenance: Villa Bloc, Meudon France. Original certificate of authenticity and provenance signed by Natalie Seroussi is available. Similar work is displayed in the book: André Bloc de la sculpture a l'architecture. Bloc began to design the Maison-atelier in Meudon in 1949 and realized it between 1960 -1964. He lived here for the rest of his life. It's classified as a historical monument since 1983 and is since 2008 a place where Natalie Seroussi invites contemporary artist to make a dialogue with the architecture and sculptures of André Bloc.

DIMENSIONS: W 31 x D 31 x H 72 cm
PRICE: € 16.000