Metal wall Sculpture by Nerone & Patuzzi, Italy 1960s

Unique wall sculpture by Nerone & Patuzzi (Gruppo NP2), Torino, Italy 1960s. The sculpture is made of metal sheets in different shapes and textured welded together into a very interesting composition. Style: Abstract Constructivism.
Gruppo NP2 was founded in 1962 by Nerone Ceccarelli & Giancarlo Patuzzi. Ceccarelli was the creator of the artworks, he studied in Florence and Venice, in Venice he met Carlo Scarpa who was of a big influence in the search for details and compositional balance. Nerone & Patuzzi worked together with architects, among them names as Marcel Breur and Oscar Niemeyer but also worked in private commission as well as important sculptures for the public space.

DIMENSIONS: W 90 x H 63 x D 9 cm
PRICE: € 8900