Galerie Jarno Kooijman

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 6 42 27 34 80

Visits by appointment only.

We ship world wide and offer a return policy for our items
if they are not of your expectations, within two weeks.
This does not include shipping cost.


Galerie Jarno Kooijman was founded in 2010 as ‘Contemporary showroom’, eight years later it was time to continue our path with a personal vision under the name ‘Galerie Jarno Kooijman’.

Galerie Jarno Kooijman is specialized in 20th Century Design & Art. Our focus lays on ‘special distinctive’ authentic pieces, always exclusive, extravagant and aesthetical.
During our carefully curating process we focus on form, material and character.

Our distinctive quality lies in the combination of a ‘gut feeling’ and extensive knowledge.

Beside the Galerie Jarno offers a wider collection under the name  F U N D A M E N T E  since March 2020.



If you got any enquiries or questions, please contact us here.